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Squirrel Removal in Syracuse NY


Why should you remove the squirrels in your home?


Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are small and cute animals that can live in both rural and wild areas and are a common rodent in the Syracuse NY area. Squirrels are one of the most commonly found animals all over the world and may seem harmless at the first sight.  Especially you can see them wandering near the house and eating foods available in nature. You can notice the squirrels playing and doing mischievous activities near the house which are entertaining to watch. Even though these are adorable creatures to watch from afar, the story will be completely changed when they enter the house or attic which tends to happen a lot in the Syracuse, NY area.

These are intelligent creatures who know the best way to enter a house or attic to protect themselves and grow their younger ones. In the Syracuse area, you can find different species of squirrels playing near your house. They will probably look for a quiet and secured place on your property. It is important to understand that even though they are cute, they will make your property a safe and secure place to build their nest to grow the young ones.

These squirrels will look for someplace where they can hide from predators and protection from wind snow, rain, and harsh sunlight. Even though you manage to get rid of the current squirrel family after some time you can find that your house or attic is infested again by another squirrel family if you do not seal the holes in the property.

What should you do when you have squirrels in the attic or anywhere in the house?

If you find the signs of squirrel in the attic or house such as:

  • Scampering sounds during the day or night.
  • Squirrels jumping and playing on your property.
  • Scratching noises around the house.
  • Squirrel footprints near your house.
  • Visible property damages and so on.

If you wish to get rid of the squirrels in the house, then contact us at any time and we find a permanent solution for it. Our expert team serving the Syracuse, NY area, will inspect the area and help to get rid of them from your property. It is important to understand that squirrel removal services are more than just removing squirrels from the house. You can also hire our services to prevent them from entering the house again since they are mostly living in your property garden or outdoors.

When should you worry about the squirrels near the house?

Squirrels that are playing near the house and in the garden are not generally a threat to your health. But since they carry diseases like plague, typhus, tularemia, and dermatophytosis, it is essential to keep them away from your house and to keep an eye on signs of a breach of your home. healthy environment. It is not only potential squirrel bites, but having a squirrel infestation will also increase the risk of inhaling the toxins which are released from the squirrel’s urine and fecal matter.

These can potentially build up in Syracuse area homes when the squirrel finds shelter in your property thereby putting the residents at risk. Since they chew up the wires, they can cause damage to appliances or devices that require wiring. They will tear through insulation for building their nests thereby blocking the vents. It will cut off the airflow which will result in mildew and mold formation, as well as poor air circulation.

Squirrel Removal


What are the seasons when you are most likely to see squirrels in Syracuse attempt home penetration?

Even though squirrels can cause issues, they are a massive problem throughout the entire year.  You can anticipate squirrels during some seasons of the year and hire squirrel removal services in Syracuse NY before they cause severe damage to the property.

Spring season

Spring is the best time after the fall where you can see the squirrels playing around your property. You may not frequently see squirrels from late March to early April. This depends on how the winter season goes. As the season becomes warmer, you can begin to see an increase in squirrels outdoors in your garden or neighboring house.

Summer season

Summer is the best time for squirrels outdoors in the Syracuse NY area.  They are more likely to run or play outside due warmth of the season.  If your residential area experiences more heat during the summer season, then the squirrels will take shelter in trees or any other location that provides shade and comfort. Since squirrels may enter the house during any holes in the summer, make sure to seal it to keep them away.

Fall season

Fall is the most active season for squirrels in Syracuse, NY, since they will start gathering the nuts for their younger ones in anticipation of colder weather. That is why fall is the busiest time for squirrel removal businesses.  During the fall season,  squirrels will prepare their nests for the winter in a safer place so that they can get protection from the weather and predators. Sealing the house before the fall season is the best way to avoid the squirrel entering the house using our services.

Why should you hire squirrel removal services in Syracuse NY?

If you notice the squirrel infestation in your area, then all you need is to contact us immediately. Our Syracuse based squirrel removal experts, will take care of the squirrel on the property and find the solution for the squirrel removal. Since the squirrels may build the nest in the building at any time of the year in the house or attic, listen for any noises in the house during the day or night. Our expert team based in the Syracuse area will help in keeping you and your family safe from wild animals and provide the perfect solution to keep them away from your property.

Despite their widespread existence, rodent activity remains poorly understood. They can be found almost anywhere, but did you know that rodents are twice as likely to be found in the bathroom as in other rooms? If you always deal with rodent infestations, the best way to avoid them in the future is to gain a deeper understanding of them.