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Bat Control ServicesThe most common mistake that you could make as a Syracuse homeowner is to think that your home is immune from bats. Just because your home doesn’t exactly look like those dark rooms in the movies where bats reside, doesn’t mean there won’t be any. A lot of homes in Syracuse are facing bat control issues without even realizing it. That’s right! You could be giving shelter to an entire family of bats for months and be completely unaware of it. Yes, this could happen to you and there might be bats living in your attic right now!

So what can you do? Simple. You just have to be alert and the moment you suspect or confirm bat’s existence in your house, give us a call. We will then provide you with a reliable and expert bat control service in Syracuse. We have a strong team available for bat control and other rodent exclusion services. We have an in-depth understanding of pest control and therefore know very well what needs to be done to deal with bats effectively. From bat exclusion to securing your family’s safety afterward, we have all the right solutions to get to work.

Bats don’t need a big noticeable opening to find their way in your attic. These are tiny creatures and can easily slip through small holes during the night or daytime right under your eyes. So it is important to reach out to us as soon as you find out about them because they can develop a whole bat colony in your attic with time and it won’t be easy to get them out later on. So if you have bats now, call us and if you are doubtful, check your attic today. Either way, we are here to fulfill your needs for bat control services in Syracuse, New York.

Signs You Have Bats in Your Attic

As a homeowner in Syracuse, it isn’t always easy to just know that you have bats in your attic, especially if you are out of the house most of the time. That’s why to help you out, we are going provide you with a few common signs that will give you a hint of the bat’s existence in your attic. By going through these signs given below, you will know whether you need bat control service in Syracuse or not.

  • Bat Droppings Around The House

Bat droppings are also called bat guano and are dark in color. If you find these at different places in the house or around it, that could be a major sign. And in case, you find your attic full of these, then there are surely bats in your house.

  • Bats Flying During Sunrise/Sunset

As you know bats sleep during the daytime, therefore, if your house has bats flying around early morning or late at night, that is a sign you shouldn’t ignore. 

  • Constant Chirping Sound

Bats have a very high-pitched sound so when you hear a sharp chirping sound that wasn’t there before, that’s another hint that you should go up and give your attic an inspection.

  • Bat Stains on Entry/ Exit Points

Bats are such creatures that have a grease layer on them which leaves a brownish-black stain wherever they come in contact with. This means if your home’s entrances or walls and roofs have this kind of suspicious stains, it could be there because of bats.

Bat Control Treatment With Rodent Control Syracuse

We have a well-thought and created bat control procedure that has guided us to carry out many effective exclusion projects. Our bat control service includes the following steps:

  • Home Investigation

Apart from you, our experts will conduct a home investigation of their own to check precisely for the bat’s existence and activities around the house. This lets us provide you with an appropriate quote for the bat control service.

  • Bat Control Solutions

The main difference between making bat control a DIY job and hiring us is that our service isn’t just limited to traps. We go about the bat control process effectively without leaving any chance for these creatures to stay or come back. This means our service also includes insulation removal, disinfecting the area, and lastly sanitizing the attic with a fogger.

  • Sealing Entry/Exit Points

After we are 100 percent sure that we have got the bats out of your attic, we will close all the possible entry and exit points that we initially identified. By doing so, we save you the struggle of having to deal with them again.

  • Frequent Visits 

Depending on the service and condition of your attic, we will ensure that we stay in touch with you for a week or even more if needed. We will constantly check if you noticed any bat activity again in your attic or near your house. And in case, there are any, we will come back to ensure they don’t come back

Why Choose Us For Bat Control?

You sure can find plenty of bat control service providers in Syracuse, so why go with us? Well, for starters, we are affordable. We take pride in offering you a bat control and removal service that is effective and well-suited for your budget. Besides, we have the experience and skills to get the job done in time. 

Our priority has been and always will be your safety.  This is why we keep your Syracuse home safe from any bat-prone diseases by cleaning and disinfecting the affected area.  Additionally,  we care for these little creatures too. That is why we aren’t going to trap them and cause them any harm.  We will take them far away from your Syracuse home and leave them somewhere that is appropriate for them, far enough so that they don’t come back.

Now that you know almost everything there is to know about our bat control services in Syracuse, don’t wait any longer. Contact us right now and get those bats removed from your attic or home.