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Have you noticed those mice scurrying around your Syracuse home? Those unwelcome visitors were visible to everyone.  Small mustaches and a sweet nose. However, they have the potential to trigger a slew of serious issues. According to a new survey, rodents are the most common pest problem in American households today, and there is no shortage of them in the Syracuse area. This figure is shocking, but rats and mice infest 21 million homes per year, mostly in the fall.  Leave it to the rodent control professionals to guide you through ridding these pests.

Despite their widespread existence, rodent activity remains poorly understood. They can be found almost anywhere, but did you know that rodents are twice as likely to be found in the bathroom as in other rooms? If you believe you have experienced a rodent infestation, the best way to avoid them in the future is to gain a deeper understanding of them.  If you feel you have one, call our Syracuse area local experts today at 315-888-4938.

You should be aware of the following facts about rodents:

What are rodents looking for?

Rodents, like all living things on this planet, need shelter, water, food, and a variety of other necessities for survival. They enter the home in late summer and fall to escape the freezing temperatures in Syracuse, NY in the winter. They are stuck once inside and will stay if they can get their hands on food and water. Rats and mice seek out warm, dark, narrow, and humid environments in which to find food and water. And your home might be the ideal place for them to call home.

How do rodents in the Syracuse area find a place to infest?

When it comes to temperature and pressure, rodents are highly sensitive. These sensitivities aid rodents in identifying when the season changes faster than we can. They begin searching for warmth and pressure differentials produced by draft as soon as they feel the freezing temperature of the outside world. They follow the warmth inside when they encounter a draft.

Rodents have a highly developed sense of smell in addition to temperature and pressure sensitivities. This trait enables them to sniff out specific foods, including the best way to get to them. Rodents literally follow their noses all the way into your home.


What routes do Syracuse, NY rodents take to enter your home?

Rodents obtain entry to your home through several narrow nooks and crannies. Mice and rats are well-known for their ability to squeeze through narrow openings. They typically look for these holes in a few specific locations, such as:

     The foundations of the doors and windows

     Vents and drains with leaks

     Cracks in the walls and base boarding

     Utility poles have a lot of gaps around them

     Sidings and shingles that have been damaged or are decaying

The most common rat species that can enter your home in the Syracuse area

It’s crucial to understand the different types of rats that can infiltrate your home. As previously said, rodents are very common during the winter months when they are looking for food and warmth. The following are the most common rat species found in Syracuse, New York. Aside from that, there are 51 documented species within the Rattus genus.

Deer mice: Deer mice are tiny mice with a short body, brown fur, and small ears.

House Mice: House mice have much smaller bodies than deer mice and are mainly brown.

Roof rats: Roof rats have a black body with long tails and are about a foot long.

Norwegian rats: Norwegian rats are heavier than roof rats, with lighter coloring and shorter tails.

Why are rodents in Syracuse, NY such a threat?

Rodents can pose a danger to your family and pets, as well as your home’s structure. They’re not only gross because they’re wild animals invading your home, but they’re also dangerous in a variety of ways. The below are the key reasons why you don’t want these Syracuse area rats and mice to take up residence in your home:

They spread diseases: Rodents can contaminate your food with a disease transmitted by their feces, urine, and even hair. They can transmit bacteria and diseases such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and rat-bite fever when they enter or penetrate your home. These disorders are life-threatening and should not be taken lightly. You don’t want these pests to have unrestricted access to your building.

Rodents cause structural damage to your home: Rodents not only cause respiratory issues or pose a health risk, but they also cause structural harm to the house and property. These nuisance pests will wreak havoc on your furniture, floors, drawers, and garments, among other items. They’re also known for chewing through wiring, so if you’re experiencing electrical issues in your home without knowing why, they might be to blame. 

They create a fire risk: If rodents want to chew through your wires there is nothing to deter them from chewing through the wires. They pose a significant risk of a house fire because they can quickly chew through electrical cords. You do not want your family or house to be vulnerable to these open cables.  For more information on rodents, including mice, rats, visit our rodent frequently asked questions.

When faced with a full-fledged rodent infestation in Syracuse, NY, the do-it-yourself approach is normally ineffective. When you find a rodent in your house, there’s a fair chance it’s not the only one. With our licensed rodent removal services, Rodent Control Syracuse will help keep your home safe.

Any form of rodent infestation that your home is undergoing can be permanently resolved and remedied by our team of rodent control experts. In the Dallas and Houston areas, we are the top rating and most checked rodent control, squirrel removal, raccoon removal, and attic restoration company. For several years, we’ve been protecting homes in the Syracuse area for years, and we’re proud to provide family and eco-friendly services.

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