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Signs of Raccoon Inside Your Syracuse, NY Home


Knowing the Signs of Raccoon Infestation is Important:

Raccoon Problem Signs

Raccoons are pretty adorable in their appearances. You will love them until they have made their way into your home or attic, basement, chimneys, decks, or crawl space. Trust us! This can be scary for you. Raccoon infestation can be detrimental to your Syracuse, NY home. They love to chew through walls, sheetrock, and other support structures. Besides, these creatures can bite when they are threatened or handled by an inexperienced person. 

Raccoons are also carriers of rabies, flea, and roundworm. You and your family members can get infected with contagious diseases. 

Signs You Need to Know: 

Our Raccoon removal experts in Syracuse have highlighted several signs of a raccoon infestation. Knowing these signs are a first step towards successful wildlife removal from your Syracuse home. Please contact us immediately in case you see any of the indications mentioned below. 

1. Annoying Noises at Night: 

Raccoons are nocturnal animals. Do you hear some growling or whining noises at night? Are some scurrying or chewing sounds giving you goosebumps? You may visualize an eerie scene from one of the scariest movies you have seen. But relax. It’s not the spirits; it’s the raccoons who are showing their antics. Be aware as they are probably destroying some parts of your Syracuse property. However, do not try to take any measures on your own. Give us a call instead for an effective and quick solution. 

2. Unpleasant Odor: 

The urine and other excrements of raccoons have a foul smell. Besides, a foul odor may suggest that a raccoon has died in your attic. Removing a dead raccoon or cleaning the excrement can be harmful to your health as raccoons spread contagious diseases. Wearing a mask is a must while performing such chores. And, the best solution? Get in touch with our experts and let them take charge. It’s good for the health of the adorable animals also. The professionals will remove the raccoons from your Syracuse home and rehabilitate them safely. 

Since this problem usually occur during the winter, raccoons eat as much as they can during late summer and fall. They love to spend the winter sleeping. So, usually, they don’t go out or go in on cold days. They discharge urine and other bowel wastage in their den or your attic.  

3. Feces and Stains: 

Can you see some ugly stains on the ceiling? Is the attic space full of feces? These are common signs of a raccoon infestation. As mentioned earlier, raccoons carry deadly viruses and parasites. So, you need to rid of these animals quickly. Contact our removal experts, who will inspect your building and provide a process oriented solution. 

4. Your House is Full of Debris and Food Remnants: 

Trashes, food remnants, and other debris in the attic indicate that there are raccoons in your Syracuse home. The internet has named the raccoon’s trash pandas. They love the food left over by you. Like a sly thief, they will scavenge your trash bins regularly. 

You may not find a raccoon in their nest immediately after these occurrences. But, don’t neglect. Call our experts for inspection. Delays on your part can cause major health issues for you and other dwellers of the house. 

5. Raccoon Entry Sites: 

Raccoons can cause great structural damages to your Syracuse property. They make holes in the roof and around the perimeter of your house for coming in and going out. Besides, if raccoons feel trapped inside the attic, they can destroy the space with their sharp paws out of panic. These holes and other damages can even be tempting for other rodents to take shelter in your house. So, be vigilant and avail professional assistance. 

6. Signs of Nesting: 

Raccoons often make the insulation of your Syracuse home their nest. You will get to hear an annoying noise in such cases. Besides, these mammals can cause harm to the beams, vent ducts, and attic of your home. It’s better to consult an expert before the damage is severe and demands expensive renovation. 

7. Watch How Your Pets are Behaving: 

The sensory organs of cats and dogs are more alert than human beings. Your pet can smell a raccoon or hear the noise before you can. So, a little puppy or kitten may be whining all the time out of fear. These poor creatures may even find it difficult to leave the room. If you notice these changes in your pet’s behavior, consider getting a raccoon removal consultation. 

8. Raccoons Around Your House: 

We often cannot see a raccoon in the attic. But, if you find a raccoon around or home or on the roof, there are high infestation chances. You need to be extra careful if there are trees adjacent to your property. Raccoons are very intelligent. They are also agile enough to climb a tree. The dangling branches on the roof may indicate that these mammals have started nesting in your attic. 

9. Raccoon Tracks: 

You may make the mistake of thinking of the raccoon tracks as human footprints. But, usually, these tracks are 4-inches or less in measurement. You can find these tracks in the areas with soft soil, around the garbage bins, trees, fence lines, and your building. Do not procrastinate. Consult a raccoon removal expert upon the discovery of such small human-like footprints. 

10. Things to do When You Can See the Signs: 

We have mentioned earlier that raccoon removal needs professional assistance like any other Syracuse wildlife evacuation work. You will contact our experts immediately after witnessing any of the signs discussed above. But, before that, you need to be careful about certain things. Those are:

  • Don’t get very close when you see a raccoon. Do not try feeding it. Because they may bite you out of panic, besides, they are the carriers of various harmful viruses and parasites. 
  • Try to keep all the garbage containers clean. Make sure to dispose of the trash regularly. Disinfect the area around the trash bin regularly. You can also use ropes, clamps, and chains to keep the bin secure. 
  • Feed all your birds and dogs indoors. Keep them inside your house at night to protect them from raccoons’ attack.

Once our experts reach your Syracuse home, they will inspect the site and remove all the raccoons using advanced and harmless trapping techniques. Besides, they will repair the damages and seal the entry points to avoid further infestation. Finally, they will decontaminate the infested space with insulation, fogging, and other advanced methods to stop spreading any contagious disease.