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We are a professional wildlife removal and rodent control service in Syracuse, NY. We provide removal and exclusion services for both residential properties and commercial spaces, from removing rats to raccoons. What makes us a household name among the Syracuse area residents is our exceptional customer service and being the best pest control team in the city.


When facing rodent infestations, many people try to solve the issue using traditional methods such as traps to take care of the problem. However, these methods are not very effective for the long term, as these animals might come back after a while. Also, looking at the viruses they carry, it always seeks professional cleaning hands once these animals are removed or killed. And when it comes to wildlife animal management, it requires professional knowledge of handling wild animals along with proper equipment and experience.

Why should you choose Rodent Control Syracuse?

Looking at the consequences of any wild animal infestations, both in terms of physical damage or spreading disease, you deserve the best wildlife removal and rodent control services team in Syracuse. We also work on the same principle and are always committed to providing you the best rodent controlling service throughout Syracuse.

What makes us exceptionally best are

  • Our team is fully trained on the latest wildlife control techniques and tools.
  • Accommodates immediate appointments and always arrives on time.
  • Initially, we send a team of wildlife removal specialists to your location for site inspection.
  • Trained in attic clean-up and sanitization.
  • Our experts treat wild animals always in a humane manner.

Our major services in managing raccoon and rodents

Residential Services: We provide services for single-family and multi-family homes in the Syracuse area, along with apartment complexes. We take care of problems such as wild animals entering your house to make nests in your garage, attics, garden, roof-tops, or any other place on your property. Our Syracuse animal removal services are designed to give you a complete solution to your rodent infestation issue.

Our rodent control and wildlife removal services include

  • wildlife control,
  • dead animal removal,
  • animal relocation,
  • animal trapping,
  • damage repair

Commercial Pest Control Services:  Apart from private residential sites, we provide pest control services for your commercial property as well. In fact, we are the leading name in Syracuse City, when it comes to finding the best commercial rodent control management. Our Syracuse pest control experts are both experienced and well-equipped to tackle any wildlife removal job in your commercial place.

Rodents can penetrate any commercial building or apartment, just like they do in individual houses in the Syracuse area. But the chances of spreading diseases can be higher compared to a normal house, as hundreds of people can stay or use these places for their business.

We know this issue, and that’s why we manage pest control in commercial sites as well. Once you contact us for commercial services, we send a licensed pest control professional to your home within 24 hours of receiving your call.

So if you have a rodent or raccoon problem in your Syracuse property, contact our specialists at 315-888-4938 and be assured to use the right person for the job.